Our Philosophy

KS Spa measures success not by counting number of served clients but through counting number of happy clients. KS Spa is fortunate to have a multi-talented team while every expert belongs to a different school of thought. The ultimate goal and philosophy of every one is to provide a perfect massage therapy and connect the clients with real comfort.


Amy is passionate, committed and enthusiastic while believing to deliver ultimate satisfaction during the massage therapy. She is trained and through her soft touch, enrich your body with comfort and peace.

Cindy, May & Lisa

These young, courteous & energetic ladies promote self-healing, wellbeing and body coordination with the art of massage. They are specialists and know well to connect people with real essence of comfort


Lily & Ana

We believe that Massage is really significant for people as it kick out stress from lives and refreshes body, boosting a stream of new energy. A quality massage session certainly leads to pleasure and peace.

Lucy & Coco

A soothing environment is the key to effective massage. The ultimate goal during massage is to taste calmness and satisfaction. These beautiful ladies integrates modern approaches of massage to make it more relaxing and enjoying.